Food Review: Point 90’s Beef Bunker Proves That There’s More to Beef Than Just Burgers

Point 90 Mall’s hottest new spot is Beef Bunker and it’s everything any meat or food lover could possibly ask for, mainly because it has a meal for every possible kind of food lover that exists.


The concept behind Beef Bunker is clear; there is more to beef than just burgers. I found this concept — and Beef Bunker’s slogan — to be especially appealing given the fact that Egypt has come to be saturated with restaurants that have reduced the notion of beef to merely burgers, and have abandoned any other chances at doing more with beef.



Consider, for example, the dish located on the right-hand side of the picture below: Beef tataki with ponzu sauce. This dish is a salad-like combination of avocados, balsamic vinegar, and rocket leaves.


My favorite ingredient in this dish, however, is the rare-cooked slices of delicious beef. And, no, they are not raw, they are perfectly rare-cooked, giving a much richer taste than cold cuts and/or grilled chicken.



Speaking of chicken, the chicken quesadilla wonton cups — located on the top left-hand corner in the picture above — is a must-try item. This dish is a twist on the classic chicken quesadilla, as it contains the regular ingredients of a chicken quesadilla, but is presented like a cupcake.


A final twist on a classic was the fried bacon mac and cheese, located on the bottom left-hand corner of the picture above. Yes, everyone’s favorite dish, but fried to a perfect golden color, and served without having been drowned in frying oil.


And for the fish lovers out there, the dish located right in the middle of the picture above — the tuna with mango salsa — is the dish for you. This dish contains a lemony, yet sweet zesty taste, that contrasts yet somehow compliments the raw tuna fish.



Next up, of course, were the main courses. The picture right above is one of a panzerotti; a fried calzone stuffed with mozzarella arugula pesto sauce. This panzerotti’s dough was fried to perfection, and the arugula pesto gave the mozzarella cheese a sweetish and novel taste.


The two steaks — the fillet mignon and the prime Ribeye respectively shown below — were cooked to a medium — rare perfection. And the parmesan potato sticks were yet another twist on a familiar classic. The sticks were cooked more like wedges, but still had the familiar ‘comfort food’ texture associated with fries.




The bang bang pasta (shown below) had a uniquely spicy tasting sauce. The sauce was not too thick, yet it was rich in flavor. The spicy taste of the sauce was a great compliment to the shellfish taste of the shrimp.



The mini-Nutella calzones were our choice when it came to dessert. These calzones were baked to perfection, stuffed with Nutella and cheese, and covered in powdered sugar and fresh in-house made strawberry syrup.



What makes this dessert perfect -aside from its lightness, the fact that it melts in your mouth, and its novelty to Egypt, is the fact that it is easily shareable.



WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to go to Beef Bunker again!