One More Step Towards Equality for Saudi Women: Travel Restrictions!

Via The National

Since the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman came to power, a lot of steps have been taken towards securing more rights for Saudi women. Who would have guessed three years from now that Saudi women will be granted rights like driving, going to stadiums, and more?


However, there have been a lot of controversies following those decisions. From ultra-conservatives claiming that those steps are radical and “unIslamic”, to liberals stating that baby steps like those shouldn’t be praised. But regardless of both sides of this argument, no one can deny that steps are being taken to secure more rights for Saudi women.

A while back, it was announced that Saudi Arabia will start to lift travel restrictions on Saudi women, which means that they won’t need the permission of their male guardian to travel.

This Tuesday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began implementing the landmark decision. Now, women who are at the age of 21 or older are receiving their passports and can now travel without the need for permission from their male guardian.

The step is considered a huge blow to the male guardianship system, which is regarded internationally as a symbol of repression against women in the kingdom. Women have welcomed the new policy with warm hearts, as they started applying for their passports and already traveling across the borders of Bahrain.

Another decision was announced earlier this month that will secure more rights for Saudi women. Saudi women were granted the right to officially register childbirth, marriage, divorce, and be recognized as a guardian to minors!

WE SAID THIS: Here’s to more boundaries being taken down for Saudi women!