On the Frontline: Jessica Kahawaty Comes to Lebanon’s Aid

Jessica Kahawaty founded the Lebanon Relief Now Fundraiser with the goal of gathering donations to support Lebanon. She announced the fundraiser saying that she feels helpless watching her country drown with its ongoing catastrophe due to lack of resources, electricity, fuel, medications, or any necessities for the people. In addition to that, Kahawaty has also personally received many messages from the youth of Lebanon who spoke about their suicide attempts as they’ve lost their homes and any hope for the future.

Kahawaty is taking the responsibility upon herself to collect funds through her fundraiser to help Lebanon, her home country. The donations will be distributed to non-governmental organizations, and she will be supporting families and students to pay for their tuition, purchase medicine, food, and clean water.

Her initiative to help Lebanon has motivated Jessica’s friends and fans to donate and share the fundraiser on their platforms and discuss the issues of Lebanon. Joining the cause as well are Nour Arida, Razane Jammal, Karen Wazen, Diane Assaf, and the NGO Beit El Baraka, who have shared the fundraiser on Instagram to encourage people to donate.

Nour Arida

The model and activist shared on her Instagram account a video of a conversation between lawyer Diane Assaf and Beit El Baraka, who discussed Lebanon’s crisis and the actions taken to help.

Karen Wazen

The businesswoman talked about the wide range of hardships the country is facing in her video, from lack of resources and unemployment to the loss of live through explosions. She’s one of the pioneering Lebanese women when it comes to self-made businesses, and her support for Lebanon is limitless.

Razane Jammal

The Lebanese-British actress shared a collage of Karen Wazen’s video, Diane’s conversation with Beit El Baraka, the Akkar Disaster Donation Fundraiser, and the Jessica Kahawaty fundraiser, celebrating the power Lebanese women have when they come together.

Here are some ways you can help Lebanon:

Donate to NGOs

There are many non-governmental organizations and fundraisers that you can donate to such as the Lebanese Red Cross, Impact Lebanon, Beit el Baraka, and Lebanon Relief Now. The NGOs attend to medical issues, food, and rebuilding.

Donate medical supplies

Medical supplies and food are in great demand. If you have extra cotton, gloves, masks, antiseptics, or sterile gauze rolls, you can donate them.

Get in touch with your Lebanese friends

If you have any Lebanese friends or people who are residing in Lebanon, make it a priority to check on them regularly. It could help brighten up their day and restore some hope.

Find remote work chances for your Lebanese friends

With everything going on, the unemployment rate in Lebanon is skyrocketing. If you stumble upon remote work opportunities, make sure to hook up your Lebanese friends in need.

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