On the Definition of Happiness


In our every day life, we are all consumed in an endless pursuit of happiness, though the definition of happiness is a rather generic one, we all try to achieve it without knowing exactly what it is.

Some people look for it in a family, some in a career and others simply shrink it all down to material things, but at the end of the day everyone is dead set on achieving it.

In my opinion happiness is a relative and a very vague concept, if you program yourself to always look for happiness, you’re setting yourself up for unhappiness because in the back of your mind you’ll always assume that there is something missing, and that could lead to inexplicable sense of disappointment.

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Money can’t buy happiness, but rather money buys sedatives & distractions, but when it’s time to face the facts a person who “thinks” they have everything will inevitably fall down in a spiral of existential wondering about what else is there to life and will ultimately be unhappy…

But a person who has a different concept of happiness knows that they have to seek it in more profound ways, whether it’s knowledge, experiences or just pure contentment , I’m not saying one must be satisfied with the status quo, on the contrary, such person should always be looking to extend their horizons.

Personally, I find my happiness in the small things in life; a good book I could get utterly immersed in which could take me back or forward in time or simply just transport me to a whole different dimension..

A beautiful piece of art has the power to silence the entire world around you, A song that speaks to you and that you can relate to will evoke that sense of pure rapture that no money can buy, unless of course you like to buy your music from iTunes then forget what I just said. These are just examples of the true joys of life, everything else is considered sedatives, happiness is a lot simpler and it’s free.

Claim your free happiness and don’t sweat the small stuff, we’re all just visitors anyway.

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