Omar El Galla to Swim 1000k to Raise Awareness on Global Climate Change

Via Omar El Galla

Egyptian Athlete Omar El Galla has been making waves in the past while achieving nearly impossible challenges. He cycled 6500 Kilometers around Egypt in 65 days while solo and unsupported. Then, he ran the length of Egypt, 1500 kilometers from the south at Abu Simbel Temple to the North in Alexandria in 36 days, while also being solo and unsupported.

Throughout his challenges, Omar was always committed to his self imposed rule of the zero-cost accommodation, relying on camping and locals to host him instead of staying in hotels and hostels. He was also committed to minimizing his carbon and plastic waste as much as possible to raise awareness regarding environmental issues.

Currently, Omar is taking on the last challenge to complete the Egypt Extreme Triathlon. He wants to swim 1000 kilometers from Taba to Shalateen in 100 days, only supported by Nabil Rostom who’ll hike alongside him on land.

They have committed to minimize their environmental footprint during the entire trip in hopes of encouraging Egyptians to become more eco-conscious consumers and live more sustainably. 

“While cycling around the country, I would know if I’m approaching a town or city a couple of kilometers away just by the sight of plastic bags flying around in the desert. While running along the Nile, I saw plastic bags and bottles floating all over the river, water canals and in the agricultural lands. While training at sea for this swim, I would bump into bits and pieces of plastic waste floating around, stuck in corals and littering the beaches.” Said El Galla.

WE SAID THIS: Wishing the best of luck for the Egyptian adventurer.