3 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

Winter is just around the corner, and besides getting ready to face the cold, the holiday season is also going to kick in. We all know that the holiday season is all about fun, guests, new clothes and parties. While we are talking about parties, how can we leave out food – a lot of it! Popping champagne, stuffing snacks and swiping desserts – ah, what a time!

But this oh-so-cherished time can cast some not-so-cherished effects on your body. We are not only talking about body fat but also about feeling lazy, bloated and blemished. The moment when you realize that you have stuffed your body with too many unhealthy foods and it is time for detoxification.

Considering the buzz surrounding detoxification, it might sound like it is just another fad taking a round around the health industry. But believe me, it really works! If you are new to the game, here is what detoxification is and how it works.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification means eliminating toxic substances from the body which accumulate due to the polluted environment, or intake of junk and unhealthy food. An unhealthy living style dysfunctions our metabolic system which increases blood pressure and cholesterol level, causes wilting skin, lowers energy, increases weight gain and disturbs your sleep cycle.

Detoxification improves health and promotes the well-being of the body. There are so many ways to eliminate toxins from the body: adopting cleansing programs, Epsom salt baths, spas, etc. But you don’t need to empty your pockets to get a detox. You can naturally detoxify yourself because your liver is well-adapted to remove unwanted substances from the body.

If you are looking to detoxify your body naturally, the 14 day detox plan from NuMedica might be what you are looking for. Other than that, here are some other natural tricks for you:

Drink water

Nothing works better than water when detoxification is concerned. You’ve heard doctors ranting that you should drink at least 10 – 12 glasses of water – right? One of the reasons for their emphasis on drinking water is body detoxification. Stick to your doctor’s recommendation and drink water – a lot of it. Once you become friends with water, you will see a major difference as your health, skin tone and body functioning improve.

Stick to healthy eating

Unhealthy eating habits are the major cause of the accumulation of toxins in the body – junk, processed and canned foods. Food with excessive salt, oil, and sugar is also very unhealthy for the body. So, the first step towards detoxification is: leave all the unhealthy food behind and make way for healthy eating.

Go green and fruity by adding organic veggies and fruits into your diet. Many fruits like apples, papayas, lemons, berries, etc. are best known for their detoxification properties, besides being a treat to your taste buds. So, give them a go instead of oily and junk food.

Exercising is the Way

Another natural step towards detoxification is exercising!

It isn’t that your liver starts working more efficiently due to exercising. But excessive body sweating due to exercising results in the removal of toxins from the body. Metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead are removed from the skin pores along with sweating. So, exercise is a complete health package, not only in terms of muscle development and weight loss, but also for body detoxification.

WE SAID THIS: Now you know what to do for natural body detoxification. Happy winter!

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