Omar Abdelrahim: We Talk to Everyone’s Favorite English Teacher

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Learning new languages might get quite difficult at times, but most of all, it can get really, really boring. It could be extremely confusing for many, especially with all the rules any language could have. Then came one man who has made it his mission to make English training fun, catchy and very easy — Omar Abdelrahim.


Abdelrahim is the English trainer who is behind the viral “Brands” video, which got over a million views on Facebook. We got to talk with the funnyman to get to know him and learn more about his teaching method.



The 27-year-old graduated from The High Institute of Languages and Translation, which would make sense since he’s an English instructor…but Abdelrahim graduated from the German Department. You’d think maybe he was in an international school before and that’s how he learned his English, but you’re also wrong.


“I  studied in public schools my whole life, and I never took an English course. I’m self-taught — all was self-studied, from watching movies to practicing with myself.”


Abdelrahim has been an English instructor for over five years, and only just recently started recording videos.


“We need new and creative ways to teach people. It can’t just be someone telling you a few words and that’s it. It has to be fed to you in a new way that will help people understand, whether it being a comedic way or even scientific. Whatever it is, it has to be new and creative and easy for people to understand. And that’s why I decided to make these videos.”


As an editor, I still fall into some of the most common grammatical mistakes, including the dreaded “in, on, at” and after seeing Abdelrahim’s video, I now use his song to remember what prepositions to use. Abdelrahim  told me that this video was his favorite, since it was the video that introduced him to his audience.



When someone comes up with a whole song to teach people prepositions and posts it on social media, you have to think, what did he expect to happen?


“When I created the video and the page, I didn’t expect any reactions whatsoever. I didn’t care whether people like the video or not, I just wanted people to get the information in a new and creative way. But thank god, I was surprised by people’s reaction. I was happy and became sure that I was in the right path. I hope it becomes an inspiration for other teachers to find new ways of teaching, English or other languages. Be creative with your students, and let them feel like they’re being taught!”



WE SAID THIS: Follow Abdelrahim’s YouTube channel, and Facebook page if you want to improve your English, or just for shits and giggles.

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