Off the Beaten Track: 4 Egyptian Cities That Deserve to Be Celebrated

By Amena Reda

As most of us are not able to travel abroad, domestic tourism is the best option for the current period. However, most of us head to the same well-known destinations every year. So, here are some of our favorite cities that should be part of your travel bucket list!


A governorate that has witnessed different eras due to its location in the northern part of the Nile Delta. Between the Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, and the modern era, each one of them left a unique heritage to this beautiful city.

You can visit Rashid Museum, Damanhour Opera House, Wady Al Natron Monastery, Rashid Fort, and Amseli House if you wanna discover the historical sites. Also, Al Ma’adeya on the Meditteranean sea, Edfina Arches on the Nile to observe nature’s beauty, and to enjoy a fish lunch as well!


Located on the Red Sea coast between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. However, not as known as them! Hotels’ prices there are really low and it’s one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. You can visit the Ottoman Castle, Virgin Mary Church, and Sheikh Al Farran mosque. In addition to that, you can walk around the city and enjoy sightseeing of the old buildings, make sure to visit Souk Al Quseir. 

Kafr El Sheikh

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Other than the well-known Burullus Lake, which you have to pay a visit to, this city has a variety of different historical, cultural, and natural beauty. Regarding the historical one, you have to visit Buto, a city that has a unique heritage of Pharaohs. Also, you may be interested in the Aquarium Museum in Balteem, King Foad’s palace, Raba’ Al Khataybah, and the Virgin Mary Church. Also, the city of Fuwwah that is well-known for the making of Killim, Handmade carpets, Textile factories, Tarabeesh factory, and a huge number of historical mosques! 

El Minya

Did you know that 700 years ago, El Minya was the capital of Egypt? Hence, it must have unique monuments from the Pharaonic era. For example, Stables of Antar, Tal Al Amarna, and Maho Cemetry. Back in the day, the pharaohs weren’t the only era that left some monuments, as the Greek, Coptic and Islamic eras contributed to that too. You can visit Hermopolis city, The Monastery of Our Lady, The Inclined Minaret Mosque, and finally, Malawi Museum which has a good collection of these different eras. 

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