Gana El Hawa: 10 Egyptian Oldies For You to Enjoy at the Beach

By Malak Khaled

Sitting on the beach, enjoying the wind, the view, and the salty sea air with waves crashing on the shore; you have to listen to some music to tie all the beauty together.

Nowadays, many people on the beach tend to listen to loud music; literally anything that will make them move, but if you ask me, there is honestly nothing better than listening to oldies on the beach. They have a different vibe, a sweeter one. There is no doubt in my mind that the current circumstances require some relaxation with good music that would give you a strong feeling of nostalgia. And for that reason, we decided to put together a list of old songs for you to enjoy by the beach this summer:

Gana El Hawa- Abdelhalim Hafez

Do’o El Shamasy- AbdelHalim Hafez

Bein Shateen w Maya- Mohamed Kandeel

Ya Msafer Wahdak- Mohamed Abdelwahab

Shat Eskendrya- Fairouz

Ya Msafer w Nasy Hawak- Layla Mourad

Baheb etneen sawa- Layla Mourad

‘Ala Shat Bahr el Hawa- Karem Mahmoud

Taxi El Gharam- Abdelaziz Mahmoud and Hoda Sultan

Ba’sha el Bahr- Nagat el Sagheera

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