An Ode to Beards

Beards are God’s gift to the women of this world. Scruffy, long, short, messy, perfectly trimmed — I’m down. Nothing genuinely confuses or hurts my eyes more more than seeing a fully grown man capable of growing some glorious facial hair but deciding to go for the “clean shaven” look. Guys, your beard is what tells the world (me, to be more specific) “I am no longer a teenage boy but I’m a man!” And trust me, EVERYONE’S got time for that!

I understand Egypt isn’t very “beard” friendly right now with our current situation and that kind of sucks really, but guys hold your ground. There is a huge difference between an ikhwani galabiah-decked beard and well, you know where I’m going here.

Anyways, long story short I’ve compiled some beard eye-candy for all the readers out there who share my beard obsession, and for those who don’t, be prepared to for a little change of mind.

Beard and Beanie
Beard and Styling Shades
Beard and Mug
Beard and Cool Suit
Beard and Hipster Shirt