Ode To Arab Mothers


Oh dear mother, let me count the ways I love you and all the harassment and questions that just wouldn’t be the same…


1. How could I live without you asking me – every day – when I’m going to get married and when you’ll be able to play with your grandchildren?


2. Without you, who would call me in the middle of the day – every day – telling me about how the maid is driving you mad and asking what I would like to eat?


3. Oh mother, how could I live without you – every day – telling me to put on something heavier in the 28 degree winter we live in?


4. Listen mum, if I go out once week, even twice a week, and come home late, it does not mean I have no morals and that I’m loose.


5. Your impeccable aim at throwing that sheb sheb leaves all in awe.


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