Now That We’ve Seen The Full Aladdin Trailer, Here is What We Think!

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By Muhammed Aladdin

For months, Disney has been taunting its fans with short teasers featuring the least amount of footage possible, but yesterday, the full-length trailer of the film was out. It was a nostalgic, heartwarming journey that brought our childhood back to life.

The previous teasers did not do well with fans; many commented on the Genie’s not fully-rendered CGI to the absence of the classical Aladdin songs and more. However, it seems that the filmmakers at Disney took the criticism seriously and worked on improving many of these shortcomings; the result was a masterpiece.

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For starters, the vibrant Bollywood-like color pallets of the new trailer shifting from the original animation’s sand-like colors. Of course, in the original, the yellowish background worked so well to bring the best in the purples and oranges of Agrabah, but that would not work for a live-action movie. So, the filmmakers resorted to the gonzo colors of Bollywood, which, in my opinion, was one of the best stylistic decisions made.

One of the most redeeming features of this trailer is the return of some of the classical music pieces. We got to listen to Genie’s iconic Friend Like Me, and of course, the all-time fan favorite, A Whole New World. Some thought with the release of the first teasers that music was not going to be one of the film’s strong points, yet it seems that Disney was keeping its best for last.

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Moreover, it looks like the creators reconciled with the fans when it came to Will Smith’s Genie. At first, when it was announced that he was chosen for the role, fans were in a frenzy. However, it all went down the drain when the first teaser showing him in a full-blown blue Genie form with CGI that was pretty blatantly a work-in-progress. The fans were devastated, but with this trailer, the people at Disney have finally redeemed themselves, showing a fully-rendered CGI Genie that is much more integrated to the frame.

And one more thing, with the last Genie played by the late legend Robin Williams, Will Smith had some shoes to fill, and fortunately, with his upbeat, hilarious performance, Smith has proven himself to be worthy of the role.


For me, the most incredible thing about this film was the Arab representation. The Canadian-Egyptian Actor Mena Massoud stars as Aladdin, and from the looks of it, he is going to do an amazing job. On the other hand, we have Marwan Kenzari, the Dutch-Tunisian actor who plays the antagonistic Jafaar, which made us look forward to a chilling performance!

All in all, it looks like Disney has learned from its mistake and all we have to do now is buckle up for some live action Aladdin, bringing back the best childhood memories.

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