Nour Arida Gives Us a Glimpse of Her New Life in Paris After the Beirut Blast

After the tragic explosion that took place in Beirut in August, Lebanese fashion influencer and model, Nour Arida, decided to move to Paris along with her family, hoping for a better and more promising future for her daughter Ayla. Today, she posted her first video documenting a day in Paris after completing exactly one week.

She shows us around her house, then takes us on a journey, together with her daughter, to walk us through their neighborhood and daily activities, and then back home. This is the first episode of an 8-episode IGTV series that she will be posting on a weekly basis.

Just two days ago, Arida posted a video on what looked like a short vacation back in Lebanon. In the video, Nour asks Ayla if she misses Paris, to which Ayla answers “not at all”. Although it’s a new adjustment for the family, we hope it gets easier on little Ayla soon enough.

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