6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About NileFM’s Mickey

Chances are you know him as a voice on NileFM, but we’re willing to bet that most of you don’t know just how awesome a human being that voice on the radio is. Sure, if you follow him on social media you probably also know he’s big on working out and eating healthy, but there’s so much more to know about him.


So we’re gonna lay it out for you, because Egypt needs more men like Mickey…



He’s a voice of logic and reason in a world of crazy people




One of the things we love most about Mickey is the fact that he’s a voice of reason in a world full of idiots. If you say something stupid he’s going to call you out on it, and he’ll tell you exactly why you’re wrong – particularly if you’re trying to justify something idiotic like FGM or argue that scientific facts are opinions.





He uses his powers for good




Between being a voice on the radio and his various other endeavors over the years, Mickey has gained quite a following – and on more that one occasion we’ve seen him use those powers for good. A few weeks ago, he stumbled across a Facebook post promoting female genital mutilation. When he got an automated response after trying to report it, he turned to his Facebook followers and asked them to report the page as well.


In just five days, enough people reported the post that an actual human reviewed it, and the page was removed.






He’s a staunch advocate for women’s rights






Like, this is a guy who actually sees women as equals. None of this “women are inferior to men” nonsense we hear all the freaking time, especially in this part of the world. We can think of a dozen times he’s said something along those lines or called some guy out, but his response to this dude’s Ask.FM question is one of our favorites…





He tells it like it is




As a society/generation, we’re constantly praising the mediocre. Not so with Mickey. He’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks, tell you you’re wrong, or to call people on their bullshit. We’re totally on board with Mickey on this one, and we wish more people would do it.




He’s a great writer


One. Two. Three hundred and sixty five. Times ten. Multitudes of spatial events that work to undermine my self confidence, the destructive value of which is proportionate to absolutely zero Tinder matches across a time period equal to or greater than infinity.

The horizon is nothing but a straight line leading nowhere. As my past blends and bleeds into my future, history repeats itself. A vicious octahedron. Polygonal hell.


If you hadn’t picked this up already, Mickey is every logophile’s dream. The way he puts words together is just oh so satisfying. I mean, just these two paragraphs alone. Then again, his way with words makes complete sense if you know he’s also a songwriter/poet/lyricist (formerly with his band, Idlemind, and currently with his side project Infinity Plus One).




And on top of it all…




He’s a genuinely nice guy. Unless you’re an idiot – then he may just ignore you (if you’re lucky).