Nile Bike Could Possibly Be The Most Perfect Easter Activity in Cairo

Via NileBike

Are you a cycling lover who dreams of endless straight and safe roads to discover? Are you tired of almost getting run over by cars in the streets of Cairo? Well, you’re in for a treat this Easter. The weather is phenomenal and summer is finally here, so why not enjoy the Nile in a completely out-of-the-box experience?

Nile Bike is most probably one of the most fun things to do this week if you’re stuck in Cairo. You get to cycle, basically workout and move smoothly across the Nile and enjoy the scenery. NileBike describes itself as an initiative for cyclists who don’t want to stop at the water’s edge, and for those who enjoy morning cruises and activities by the Nile.

Sounds pretty amazing!

Via NileBike

WE SAID THIS: Check out NileBike’s Facebook page for more info.