New York-Based Michelin Star Restaurant To Open in Dubai Later This Year

By Yasmeen Badawy

Dubai is known as the Middle Eastern hub for food from all over the world and it continues to grow as a  destination for all food lovers. So it is no surprise that the New York-based two Michelin star restaurant, Marea, will open its food haven in DIFC later this year. The upscale Italian restaurant will probably open in September and its expected to serve culinary excellence that will compete with every other restaurant in the region.

Via Infatuation

Chef Michael White, who’s also behind Marea’s menu in New York, will be the mastermind behind the menu of the restaurant in Dubai and the menu will most likely be heavily influenced by a seafood variety as Atelier House, the hospitality group behind the restaurant hinted.

Via Marea-Nyc

Even though, there are no hints about how the restaurant will look like. But if it’s in any way like its American counterpart; dim lighting, artworks, and tablecloths it’ll be simply majestic! So, if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine and happen to be in Dubai, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this heaven.

WE SAID THIS: Dubai continues to prove itself as the perfect food destination. 

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