New Teaching and Learning Marvel Wycombe Abbey International Cairo East (WAICE ) Opens for Fall Admissions in Cairo New Administrative Capital 

Nestled in the Diplomatic District at the New Administrative Capital is Wycombe Abbey International Cairo East (WAICE), an institution internationally recognised for its award-winning and best-in-class education. 

Since it’s finally opening in Egypt, let’s highlight some of the main points that Wycombe Abbey brings to the educational table.

Why Wycombe Abbey?

Wycombe Abbey isn’t just another educational institution; it’s a beacon of modern education philosophy, renowned globally for delivering top-tier education.

Embracing a vision that transcends conventional teaching and learning, Wycombe Abbey aims to inspire and empower its own community — teachers, staff, and students alike. This way, a collaborative learning environment is cultivated that gives rise to lifelong learning and nurtures personal development.

It’ll deliver this experience to national and international individuals living in Cairo and the New Administrative Capital.

What Years Is It Teaching?

The new modern teaching marvel has announced opening admissions for September 2024, accepting students aged 3 (early years) to 9 (year 5). This initial phase is only the beginning, as the school plans to offer a full K-12 education experience in the near future (2025 onwards).

By catering to students of different age groups, Wycombe Abbey International Cairo East’s goal is to provide a comprehensive learning experience in all stages of children’s education, ensuring that every student is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the next phase of life, transferring progress to some of the world’s leading universities.


Offering a world-class international curriculum based on the Cambridge International curricula, WAICE will bring a holistic approach to education to Egypt so that academic excellence, empathy, and integrity thrive in Wycombe Abbey and its community.

Through this curriculum, students will learn how to be self-reliant and self-directed learners, leading to pupils with higher-order skills.

Early Years (3-5)

In the Early Years program, a theme-based bilingual curriculum that covers the seven main areas of childhood development is supported. Children will learn how to play, explore, and express themselves creatively, which are all cornerstones for healthy child development.

Since this phase shapes every child’s vision throughout life, the staff prioritizes hands-on experiences and creativity to instill in children a genuine learning joy from their early years.

Junior School (5-9)

In the Junior School program, Wycombe Abbey International Cairo East continues its commitment to providing holistic education. Pupils will immerse themselves in the richness of the Arabic language and Egyptian culture, fostering a deep appreciation for diversity.

On the note of diversity, they’ll also learn more about the English language, broadening their understanding of various cultures and preparing them for navigating the interconnected world smoothly. Their English listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills are some of the focus points.

Besides academic progress, health, social skills, and emotional development are also assessed.

This program will include pupils of ages up to 11 years old starting from 2025. You can find more information about the curriculum here.

Awards Won By Wycombe Abbey UK

Wycombe Abbey has won a plethora of awards.

In this year’s Spear’s Magazine Global School Rankings (the Spear’s Index 2024), Wycombe Abbey UK was acknowledged among the top 100 senior schools worldwide and was further celebrated as one of the top 25 senior schools in the United Kingdom.

It’s important to highlight that the index’s finalization considered a diverse array of social, cultural, and pastoral factors alongside academic achievements and examination results.

The school also won the Times Educational Supplement Creativity Award in 2021 and has consistently earned top ranks by the Times, Parent Power “Best Private Schools In the UK.”

Campus and Facilities

The campus is a massive 30,00 sqm in size and offers great facilities, including specialised and multipurpose classrooms, modern laboratories, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a swimming pool, gym, football and multi-purpose sports pitches, as well as art and music studios. 

The introduction of Wycombe Abbey to Egypt’s educational landscape provides a new era of excellence and innovation. With its modern approach to teaching and learning, comprehensive curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities, this school holds the promise of shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation.