New Tamer Hosny/Snoop Dogg Collaboration Is A Shame

Picture 30

The reason why I’m sharing this song isn’t because of its artistic integrity or how good the mix is. No, on the contrary, this song is the musical equivalent of a suppository. I’m sharing this song because I want you to listen to the lyrics and understand the song’s message, which if I understand correctly is:


Throughout the entire the song, Tamer is describing how a good woman is an obedient woman.  He explains how she can only be loved if she does what she’s told to do, what her actions should be, and that every decision down to what she should wear are all things that Si Sayid (in this case, the obscenely hairy and heavily Tamer) should decide.

Not only is this song filled with sexist and chauvinistic rhetoric, the entire video clip is based on the fact that Tamer locked his wife in the room so he can have a party with Snoop and other women. Domestic abuse much?

It’s songs like this that are spreading misinformed values about masculinity and what it is to be a man. More importantly, it’s songs like this that act as a petri dish for the ongoing social catastrophe that is sexual harassment.

These… things (I refuse to call this a work of art) are what’s wrong with the media industry, breeding a culture of followers based on inappropriate and inaccurate principals. And it’s those very principles that are making it difficult for almost all women in this country to walk the street safely, have the same opportunities as men in the work place and in education, or be viewed as an equal at home.

Where are the art syndicates that have consistently denied young and upcoming artists their right to freedom of expression if their works are critical of the government, the MOI or the status quo? You guys are censoring the wrong stuff. It’s songs like this that are not only corrupting the art form but also the minds of the youth.

I really hope we can put an end to this crap.

On a side note: Snoop, what the fuck man?