This New Partnership Between Etisalat and Coca-Cola Is Changing the Marketing Game

Two of Egypt’s most leading corporations, Coca-Cola and Etisalat, joined forces to present an innovative campaign with none other than El Ostoora, Mohamed Ramadan.



Thanks to this gigantic partnership, you can win actual minutes and megabytes from Etisalat by simply consuming your favorite drink, Coca-Cola — duuh! What’s utterly surprising is the fact that you don’t just instantly win, but you “Keep Saving”.


Saving doesn’t just happen in minutes, but also in cash. So, for every Coke bottle you drink, you will win from Coca-Cola cash that you can save it and redeem it anytime. All the calls and data you consume is given back to you the next day for free.


Effectively reaching their target groups and providing them with what they really need and want is nothing alien from the two tycoons, and here they are setting another milestone with their latest campaign. The promo actually caters to two of the most important daily products every consumer needs, free minutes and megabytes. Oh, and the the iconic addictive beverage.


The fact that Mohamed Ramadan is the ambassador of the campaign is a game-changer because he is a role model to so many Egyptians.



WE SAID THIS: You can also have the promo song as your call tone for free.

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