The New Malaysian Muslim Dr. Video is The Most Hilarious Thing You Will Ever Watch Today


Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman AKA Dr Vida – the CEO of Vida Beauty –  is a Muslim Malaysian entrepreneur who is known for her controversial, weird, and crazy propaganda videos. Her new video is no exception to this craziness, and we absolutely love it!




Dr Vida claims that there is no such thing as bad publicity: to her, any publicity is good publicity. This is exactly why she does these over the top videos. Indeed, the 44 old millionaire born in Machang, Kelantan, often stars in her own product’s advertisements and campaigns.



Dr Vida is considered one of the richest people in Malaysia, with her RM22 million home in Ipoh, her 22 luxury homes, and her more than 10 exotic cars. “I’ve gone through failures and losses, but it only made me more determined to work harder for this life and the hereafter. I would not be able to achieve all of these without tenacity,” says Dr Vida.



WE SAID THIS: Don’t stop posting your videos Dr Vida.

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