New Age Dining: Lebanese Restaurant Sē Sets the Scene for a Unique and Safe Experience

2020 is finally over, it was such a tough year for all of us. The world, especially our region, has suffered a great deal on both political and economical levels. Everyone with no exception has been facing a very difficult time coping with the new rules, precaution measures, and to understand that during such time the best solution is to simply stay home and minimize interaction with all the people around you. Sē is here to help!

Lebanon is among the Middle Eastern countries that have been greatly affected by the pandemic’s complications. However, we have started a new year, and many of us decided that 2021 is going to be a better year; we won’t let the current status quo shape our present nor future. Therefore, apparently, there’s a solution to every problem, meaning that we can still enjoy 2021, go out, enjoy the weather, the crystal clear sea, and the beautiful view, and that’s all available in our favorite destination, Lebanon!

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Sē by Ocean Blue is this incredible beachfront restaurant and lounge that’s known for serving the most delicious seafood and international cuisine. This place has to be on your bucket list this year, especially if you’re currently residing in Lebanon.

Sē has come up with a brilliant idea, The Dome, offering everyone the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner date and a mesmerizing experience. Especially since the pandemic continues to spread across the world, this Dome acts as a protective barrier to keep you and your loved one safe without a face mask in your private little no-drama zone.

WE SAID THIS: The Dome is the perfect solution for all love birds to enjoy their time in their own romantic bubble.