Netflix MENA Defends Jinn Cast Amidst Social Media Backlash

Via Netflix MENA

Netflix has finally released it’s first original Arabic series, Jinn, yet the show has caused quite an uproar. Jinn is a young adult supernatural show that follows the story of a group of young Jordanians trying to stop a Jinn (Demon) from ruining their world while experiencing emerging romances.

Via Netflix MENA

The five episodes caused an intense backlash as Jordanians felt offended by what they claimed to be “bold language” and lewd scenes that violate “public morals”. According to the Jordan Times, the Amman prosecutor’s office announced they were launching an investigation in order to take further action.

Translation: How embarrassing! I was promoting #jinn movie since I heard about it, and was waiting for it, feeling happy we finally went global. How embarrassing!
Translations: I did not expect Jinn to be this offensive and surpass Game of Thrones in terms of language.

The uproar led Jordan’s media commission to issue a statement explaining that they have no control over Netflix productions since it is not a local broadcaster.

Following the wave of criticism, Netflix MENA took to social media to defend the Jinn cast against cyber-bullying.

“Unfortunately, we have followed the current wave of bullying against the cast and staff of the series Jinn and we announce that we will not tolerate any of these abusive behaviors and insults to the staff. We have always been centered on the values of diversity and inclusion, so we are working on providing a safe space for all series and film lovers across the region,” the statement read.

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