NeonByNyon: The Local Brand Reviving a Dying Industry

Searching the internet to find a gift for your significant other, you come across all types of businesses that customize nearly everything. But what I came across this time is something unique and incredibly interesting. I found a new local brand that customizes hand-crafted vintage neon signs.

Although the neon signage industry has been booming since as far back as the 1930s and up until the early 1990s, it’s a dying trade now. Since LED was invented, the use of neon signs has declined significantly.

Belal Ehab, Karim Ahmed, and Sarah Ashraf are three engineers that came together to revive the art of neon signs with their new brand, Nyon.

They agreed not to start the page until they were producing premium quality tubes. They sold more than 20 signs before they created their page thanks to Sarah, who kept recommending their products on Facebook groups like “7ad Ye3raf” and sent their packages to a huge number of wedding and events planners.

On how they got inspired to begin this artistic journey, one of the co-founders, Belal Ehab, said “I saw a picture, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cover materializing on Primrose Hill, in Regent’s Park, London. Beautiful. Tripping. Awesome. Lasers, neons, and smoke. The Great Gig in the Sky, indeed”.

Since then, he searched everywhere for where and how they are made. Both partners realized there was a gap in the market and decided to capitalize on it. They understood how the industry is a mix of art and engineering and requires a mad amount of craftsmanship.

On the process of making the signs they said “direct flame heat is used to bend and reshape the hollow glass to match the design which is printed on paper with the design’s actual size. This glass is vacuumed and replaced with the inert gases (neon, xenon, argon, and krepton). Then it can be mounted on akrylic, metal, wood, or directly on a wall.”

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