Nancy Ajram Speaks Up About Home-Invasion In a New Documentary

By Malak Khaled

In a documentary set to be released on the streaming service Shahid VIP, Nancy Ajram, and her husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem, will be shedding light on the home invasion incident that took place back in January of this year.

Headlines were everywhere of Al Hashem, Nancy’s husband, reportedly killing an armed robber who broke into their Beirut property, shooting him 16 times. 

Although she’s a well-known singer, Ajram has always succeeded in maintaining her privacy. However, now she’s opening up about her personal life in the short documentary entitled “El Rewaya El Kamela” which is said to be released on Shahid VIP on the 16th of July.

As seen in the trailer Shahid shared on social media, the documentary is supposed to feature real-life footage taken of the home invasion that occurred at dawn.

Also in the trailer, Ajram is heard saying, “Minutes passed by like a year. Did Fadi die? He didn’t die.” Then at the end of the trailer, an interviewer says, “There are details that we, and the people, need to know. You’re going to tell us everything,” to which she replied, “Of course”.

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