Egypt Has Already Welcomed 48 International Flights Since Lockdown’s Partial Lift

By Nour El-Miligi

After three months of flight suspensions that aimed to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, we witnessed Egypt’s beautiful touristic cities turn into ghost towns, devoid of the usual crowd of tourists who come from all over the world every year. But now we can happily say that tourism in Egypt is rebooting and coming back stronger than ever since aviation has resumed and tourists have been taking over our touristic cities once again.

The airports of South Sinai and the Red Sea witnessed the arrival of many flights, bringing touristic resorts back to life. Resorts that have a health safety certificate have received tourists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Switzerland since the lockdown has been partially lifted.

Via DW

Tourists have been enjoying the warm sands, diving into the clear waters of the red sea and enjoying the unique experiences around the cities, all while being protected by the strict preventive measures resorts have been following. 

Regulations have proven effective so far, as only a single case of coronavirus within touristic areas has been reported. Frequent inspections of hotels by the Ministry of Health are being carried out to ensure health regulations are followed.

Tourists of South Sinai and the Red Sea governorates have been sharing their experience and praising their stays on the beautiful beaches that have been completely safe, without affecting their vacation experience. It was also reported that a number of Ukrainian, Swiss and Belarusian tourists returned back home safely after enjoying a perfect vacation.

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