Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Tomb Comes to Light in Saqqara After 4,400 Years

Via National Geographic

A breathtaking forgotten tomb, from the Pyramids age, was recently found five meters below the rich golden sands of Saqqara. The tomb puts the life of the royal official, Wahtye, on display in the desert west of modern Cairo. “This burial is one of a kind finds from the last couple of decades,” Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said according to National Geographic.

Via National Geographic

The fine carvings on the walls revealed Wahtye’s titles; he wasn’t just a royal purification priest, he also was a royal supervisor and an inspector of the sacred boat. He also served King Neferirkare, who ruled during the Old Kingdom’s 5th dynasty.

The colors of the hieroglyphs on the stone walls remained vibrant throughout the past 4,400 years. The 10 feet tall grave is covered in remarkable inscriptions that depict everyday moments of Wahtye’s life, as well as his family, that are still in good shape to this day. It’s also worth mentioning that large painted statues of the family were found, in addition to another one that belongs to a person whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet.

Via National Geographic

Five shafts were found by a team of Egyptian archaeologists. The one that was opened was empty, however, the rest’s insides are still unknown and are expected to be inspected within this week. “This shaft should lead to a coffin or a sarcophagus of the owner of the tomb,” said Waziri.

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