#MuscleUpForGood’s First Season Comes To An Exhilarating End

Every now and then you hear an inspiring story that sticks with you for while and one of these stories is the case of Omar Abdelkader. If you aren’t aware, he’s an Egyptian fighter in every sense of the word who created an initiative named, #MuscleUpForGood with the intention of raising money to buy prosthetics for amputees in need. This hits home to Abdelkader especially as back in the summer of 2016, Abdelkader experienced a horrific shark attack which resulted in a leg amputation.

Following the amputation, he became stronger than ever by becoming one of the prominent voices for people with disabilities in Egypt with the help of the Ne2dar initiative “aimed at helping PWDs Physically by providing them with prosthetic limbs limbs and physiologically by including the into rehabilitation and vitality support groups,” said, Campaign Manager & Guinness World Record Holder, Omar Hegazy.

Today, on Friday, 23, the first season of the #MuscleUpForGood challenge is coming to an end. After raising over 50,000EGP directly to people in need of prosthetics.

At a prominent gym in Cairo, a major Guinness World Record attempt will take place by aiming to achieve the most muscle-ups in one hour. The day will kick off with a training for good session to hype everyone as they train to exciting beats.

Then it’s the official record breaking time where Abdelkader will be joined by major celebrities such as Mohamed Farag, Mohamed Amin, Nourhan Eissa, Mohamed Zowail, Mohamed Mekawy, Coach Mahmoud Ezz, Deana shaban, Hussien Abdeldayem and more.

Though this event marks the end of the first season of #MuscleUpForGood, it’s definitely only a beginning for the initiative.”This is the first season of #ForGood campaign and it is here to stay, by turning the nature of competitiveness in people and channeling it for greater good and bigger compassionate community,” Abdelkader shared with us.

Abdelkhader hopes that everyone tonight “walks away feeling that no matter the challenges they have been in or will go through they can always overcome if we stand together as one.”

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