Multi-Talented Youssef Al-Imam Is About to Unleash Another Artistic Side of His!

Via Youssef Al-Imam

Young aspiring Egyptian indie-filmmaker, Youssef Al-Imam, is quite known for his side acting skills and his generally visually appealing work. However, the multi-talented artist turned out to be keeping more under his hat!

What you probably don’t know about Youssef is that he’s also a musician! His Soundcloud puts you in the trance of EDM at its finest. If that’s your cup of tea, don’t just settle for his published tracks because he’s about to drop a new live set; Dark Orders, tomorrow! Al-Imam will show up tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd of December as @jaydenoath; his music persona. The event will take place in the magical deserts of Sinai, at Nuweiba’s very own Dayra camp at 11 PM. So, if you happen to be there and up for a late night party and a five million star stay, you’d better drop by!

Meanwhile, make sure to warm up and listen to his current sets!

WE SAID THIS: *Creates playlist*