Moving in Together: Here’s What You Should Know

Moving to a new place, in itself is a hectic task and then if you are moving in with someone then it becomes all the more complicated. You may get overwhelmed with the thought of moving in together. Moving in together with your partner is an important decision and needs a lot of thought process on it. There are some important points and tips that you can keep in mind while moving in together to make it a happy move.

Money matter: be clear

Be clear about the money issues. Talk about all the expenses related to moving and even after that. Talk clearly if you will be splitting the rent and in what ratio. Discuss all other expenses too like cable connection, internet connection, electricity bill, groceries, and home repairs. Be honest and firm about your decision and clear all the terms and conditions in advance and not on a moving day.

Be sure that it is a mutual decision

Moving in together should be a mutual decision. Never force your wish on your partner as this will cause problems in the future. Don’t just move in together because one of the partner’s rent lease is over or you have to change your current location. This kind of reasons for moving in together may cause problems in adjusting with your partner. 

Be prepared for a dramatic change in your life 

The whole life changes dramatically when you live in with someone. Right from dressing to eating habits are being compromised and need the consent of your partner. Before you think of moving in together, it is very much advisable to keep this in mind that except bathroom, you may not get any privacy in the whole house.

Decide on the type of house you need

Talk and decide how much space and how many rooms that you both will need at your new place. Decide on the furniture and furnishings together. Organize and decorate your new house together. This will create a feeling of belongingness and attachment with the new place and will also improve your relationship with your partner.

Sort your stuff before moving

While you may need many new things when moving in with your partner, there will be many things that you may have to dispose of, to avoid duplication. Sort your belongings and get rid of the things that you will not need at your new place. Take an inventory of your places together and decide on everything that you want to keep, sell or donate. Also measure your furniture and other big items that you are willing to move with you. This will help you in deciding which furniture you would be able to take along. 

Save money by opting for DIY move

Do it yourself move is the best way to save money and spend less on your move. The DIY move not only saves money but also brings your partner closer while packing your stuff together. Helping each other in packing and unpacking the stuff brings in the feeling of closeness. A DIY move also makes you enable to transport the things your way. You can keep your precious and delicate stuff at the top and can handle that with care. Look for free packing cardboard boxes at grocery or liquor stores, ask friends and family for used packing boxes. 

Accept help from friends

Don’t hesitate to ask your mutual friends to help you with moving. Friends always feel worthy and close when asked for small help and working with friends becomes an adventure too. You can enjoy your hectic time and will not even realize when the work is done. Don’t forget to have a pizza party with your friends while unpacking and also after, you are settled at your new place. 

Divide responsibilities and household chores

Divide all the responsibilities and chores between you two. Be sure to complete the work assigned to you on time. Household chores including cooking, doing laundry, cleaning of dishes, grocery shopping, and repairs when needed, everything should be decided in advance. You may interchange or replace another partner in case of emergencies and unavoidable conditions. However, try to stick to your duties.

Visit your new house together

Make sure you visit your new house together. Check if any repairs and alterations are required. Talk to your new house owner (If it’s a rented apartment) about the repairs and renovations required. Talk and decide all the terms and conditions related to rent agreement. Make sure that both the partners’ names are mentioned in your rent agreement.

Decide on the type of move

You should choose the type of moving together and decide if you want to have a DIY move, want to rent a truck, want to hire a full service moving company or only labour. Be sure to discuss all the pros and cons of choosing any particular moving type. 

House guests: Set rules

It is very much advisable to set rules on having house guests. You will not like it when there will be too many guests keeping you crowded all day long.

Whether you are moving locally or have your partner located in a distant city, keep these things in mind as you decide to move in together. Also, hire the best movers to cross country to help you move your belongings so that you have enough time to make other arrangements like finding the best accommodation, etc.

WE SAID THIS: We hope these useful tips make your process easier.

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