Here Are the Best Places to Eat Tacos in Dubai!

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Today is the international Taco Day; the perfect excuse to eat tacos for brunch without any feeling of guilt! While Dubai is known for being an international city that caters to all tastes and cuisines, it’s an exceptionally great destination to eat tacos. To celebrate International Taco Day, here are the best spots to eat the traditional Mexican dish in Dubai.

1 Claw BBQ

Claw BBQ
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Claw BBQ is one of the best places to eat tacos in Downtown Dubai. The place is known for its crab dishes, burgers, ribs, and for the live bands that perform there. However, their Baja Fish Tacos is out of this world.

2 Coya

The Peruvian Restaurant, Coya, is a great choice to celebrate International Taco Day. It is located at the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach. It’s highly recommended to try their Aguacate.

3 El Mostacho

El Mostacho
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If you’re seeking Mexican food as it should be, then El Mostacho is your place to go. They serve amazing tacos that you don’t want to miss. Try their Lengua Taco, and thank me later.

4 La Carnita

Another Mexican restaurant that you must try in Dubai is La Carnita at InterContinental Dubai. Their Achiote Chicken is definitely on top of the recommendations list.

5 Luchador

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Luchador serves authentic Mexican food with a modern touch by using key ingredients imported straight from Mexico. Tacos Dorados is your keyword there!

6 Maiz Tacos

La Tierra from Maiz Tacos is your best celebration of International Taco Day. The authentic Mexican taco shop and truck is on top of their game when it comes to tacos.

7 Maria Bonita

You can’t talk about authentic Mexican food in Dubai without mentioning Maria Bonita. One of the most unique and delicious places to try tacos while in Dubai. Treat yourself to their Rib-eye Tacos.

8 Nobu


You’re probably wondering why a Japanese restaurant is on this tacos list. It’s simple, because of their super tasty Caviar and Avocado Nori Taco. This once-in-a-lifetime dish is, by all means, a must-try.

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