Mousa Al-Tamari: Jordan’s Football Prodigy Lighting Up European Fields

Humble and beloved Jordanian winger Mousa Al-Tamari has been making waves in the past couple of days. He was unstoppable during the semi-finals of the Asian Cup that took place at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.

Not only did he create the first goal for his teammate Yazan Al-Naimat, he followed that by scoring a goal himself, sealing a stunning 2-0 win for the team. Let’s take a look at his journey into becoming the All-star player of today.

Early Beginnings

From a very young age, Al-Tamari was drawn to the sporting world, as since he was eight years old, he played for a club at Shabab Al-Ordon. Dreaming of becoming a champion in his own rights, he hoped to one day join one of the five major soccer leagues.

Like any success story, his journey did come with its challenges. His mum wanted him to focus on his education. She pushed back on his pursuit of his dream, not because she didn’t believe in him but because she was worried it’d be hard for him to achieve his dream in Jordan.

That didn’t stop him, though; he ended up climbing the ladder with Shabab Al-Ordon until he joined the Jordanian D1 when he was 19.

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Joining The National Team

Not long after, he continued his impressive journey by joining Jordan’s national team. Just a year later, he moved to another Amman club, Al-Jazeera, and won the Jordan Cup with the team.

With the same team, he also played matches in the second Asian Cup. He proved himself by scoring several goals during the tournament, which put him on everyone’s radar and got him signed for Cyprus’ APOEL Nicosia.

His Superiority In Europe

He continued to grow from there, not only playing in the Champions League and the Europa League but also switching clubs, joining the Belgian OH Leuven in 2020. His journey didn’t stop there; he later joined the French club Montpellier and scored three goals in his first tour games for the team.

With him being the only player in the Jordanian team to play in Europe, he continues to act as a shining beacon of hope and pride for the Jordanian people. We cannot wait to see what else he’ll accomplish in the following years.

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