Against The Odds: Palestine’s Landmark Asian Cup Win Lights Up Doha Stadium

A hopeful spirit shone through Abdullah bin Khalifa’s Stadium in Doha when Palestine made history by reaching the Asian Cup knockouts for the first time. With their hopes for qualifying for the next round hanging by a thread, the team was able to change the narrative and earn a 3-0 against Hong Kong.

Why Was This A Special Win?

Palestine’s win was a major standout event, especially as it brought a semblance of joy and celebration amidst the backdrop of the Gaza genocide. It’s once again a great example of how Palestinian people preserve despite the odds.

“It says a lot about our determination, self-belief and faith in God [as Palestinian people],” Linah al-Fatah, Fedayeen team fan, said.⁠


The support and continued call to end the genocide was also a big factor in the match, as, during it, the entire stadium was overrun by shouts of “Free Palestine.”

Even after the special win, when the Palestinian team, the Fedayeen, ran over to celebrate with the crowd, the players raised their hands to make V-signs, a symbol of unity and nationalism in Palestine.

What’s Next?

Feeling the height of the win, looking ahead to what’s coming, the team’s coach, Makram Daboub, is aware that the next round will be challenging, but said that he is “very confident in our ability and everything is possible in the second round.”

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