Mommy Diaries: A Peek Inside Sheikh Zayed’s Rofayda Health Park


rofaydaaI was excited to be invited by my beloved Scoop to attend a tour of the new Rofayda Health Park. I’ve been driving past it almost every day for a while now, always wondering when it would be up and running and if it really looked that good up close.

And oh, how it did.

My favorite part about the awesome center is its name. I had no idea what it meant or who it represented until Dr. Omaima Idris explained it. Rofayda was the first female to participate as a nurse in battle. She pitched a tent in the middle of the battlefield and tended to soldiers. Talk about women empowerment at its best.

rofayda3Rofayda Health Park is gigundous and is still growing. They offer everything from obstetrics to cosmetics, pediatrics and everything in between. There are a vast number of services provided and super high tech gizmos and gadgets. They even have 5D, yes five, Samsung ultrasound machines. These capture videos of the baby in the womb along with X-ray vision into their organs. It is pure madness. The hygiene is unparalleled and this health park will definitely give other medical facilities a run for their money.

However, one major setback for me is the lack of diversity in physicians. They have one huge name in obstetrics and gynecology, one big name in pediatrics, and one big name in cosmetic surgery. They need to diversify the doctors available. Especially in these three fields. It’s not only about how clean or fancy shmancy a center is. I need to feel comfortable with my doctor. And I doubt that these doctors have enough patients to keep this center running. Please keep it running! Please bring in more doctors!



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