Mohamed Ramadan’s Wife Just Gave Birth and She’s Still Hotter Than You

Via Mohamed Ramadan

A lot of women like to look pretty 200% of the time, we get it. Whether you’re going on a date, walking your dog, hell, even if you’re just going to university — these people truly do exist, and their makeup game is always on point. But, we would have thought that giving birth is the perfect excuse to not look like a million dollar babe…that sadly does not apply to Nesrin Sayed Abdelfattah, Mohamed Ramadan’s wife.


Via Mohamed Ramadan


The Ostoora himself posted a picture of his significant other after giving birth to their newly-born daughter, Kenz. People were obviously happy for Ramadan, but that’s not what they channeled their energy towards. On the contrary, Abdelfattah was having all spotlight to herself.


The picture shows Kenz’s mother looking rather beautiful — like, really pretty. Her makeup game is so strong it physically hurts. How is it even possible to look like that after giving birth to another human? HOW?



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