Mohamed Ramadan Runs For His Life In Hilarious Bull Chase On Ramez Never End

Just a while ago, the premiere of Ramez Never End was released with its first guest star being Mohamed Ramadan, Egypt’s infamous rapper and actor who had to go through quite the literal spin during the first episode. In the very first minutes, we see Ramez Galal with a tuft of golden hair above his head in front of a backdrop of Riyadh’s Boulevard going on a hilarious rant about how he will supposedly demolish “Number One”, Ramadan’s popular nickname.

The show got even more absurd when we Ramez held two mini scrolls, each detailing two different pranks and had a duck called Azza pick the one that Ramadan will have to face. The prank was called the “Washing machine” and began with Ramadan arriving as a guest of honor to the opening of a new restaurant where he got interviewed by the TV host Carla Haddad. Looming behind the restaurant was a large bull that crashed into the restaurant mid-interview and what followed was a bunch of men in black suits pulling Ramadan into a carpeted square room, the infamous “Washing Machine”. Ramadan flew from one side of the room to the other as the room spun endlessly. It was quite chaotic and ended with Ramadan throwing a chair at Galal once he realized it was a prank.

There is a lot of speculation on whether Ramadan already knew about the prank and if he got paid to act along. This is a recurring question every year but what we can guess is that with him being such a big time star, there is a high chance that he already knew as with big names, their reputation and safety are at stake so we think the star probably already was told about the prank. Whether or not it was scripted, It was satisfying seeing him throwing that chair at Galal, ending the episode on a hilarious high.

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