Mohamed Ramadan Breaks Internet Numbers This Month

Love him or hate him, Mohamed Ramadan is the biggest young star in the scene right now. While most viewers think his fortune bragging is distasteful, the actor started from scratch and he is living the Arab dream.

This year, Ramadan chose a romantic Ramadan plot over action and thrillers. The TV series “Zilzal” follows the story of a young man who lost his family in an earthquake and ends ups falling in love with the daughter of the richest villain in his village. The TV series is actually really good and is not what you would expect from Ramadan. Finally, the bragging about social media trends makes sense.

Unfortunately, this season has been one of the worst for television. A lot of fan-favorite stars and scriptwriters are missing. However, Mohamed Ramadan is currently breaking Internet numbers amongst some fierce competition like “Zai El-Shams” and “Qabeel.”

It all started with the first week Google trends where Zilzal’s views skyrocketed way above Zai El-Shams, Hogan, Kalabsh 3 and Weld El-Ghalaba in Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia

This week’s episode where Zilzal was a server at his lover’s wedding has been the most trending video on Youtube

Ramadan just announced that he is ranked as the 365th most viewed Youtube channel; which is more than Eminem, Fox news, Jeffree Star, Katy Perry, VEVO and Britain’s Got Talent.

Not to mention his estimated yearly earnings on Social Blade, with over a billion video views

Have we ever had a bigger TV star than Jean Claude Van damme in a Ramadan jingle?

Via Etisalat

And to add the cherry on Ramadan’s cake, DMC chose Zilzal as the first TV serie to feature a sign language interpreter due to his popularity

Mohamed Ramadan might not be your cup of tea, but the man is killing it and social media numbers don’t lie. We salute the actor for trying something different this year to show that he is more than a TV thug.

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