Mohamed Hadid Stands Up for Palestine on Instagram

Renowned Developer and celebrity Architect Mohamed Hadid has always expressed his love for his homeland, Palestine. Hadid, along with his two supermodel daughters, Gigi and Bella, has always been proud of their heritage.

Just days ago, Mohamed Hadid, shared his dreams of building a project in Palestine. All he needed was a right partner and location. Today, the architect took to Instagram to express his anger towards Israel for the ongoing massacre in Palestine.

“Every week. I will be speaking twice about the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. And establishing the Palestinian traveling holocaust museum of the treatment of the Palestinians over the last 71 years, that the Jews never endured under the Hitler Era. The ongoing slaughter of children in Palestine and the treatment in the open air prison camps that are below standards in humanity and lack of water. Education and the lowest means to innovation and self-determination. And let the world see the effect of the constant oppression and the demeaning behavior of the Israelis toward the Palestinians to keep them as slaves rather than humans,” Hadid boldly wrote on Instagram.

“The oppressed became the oppressors in this modern world. The modern world that does not have the guts to speak of the eliminating of the Palestinian culture and even they are naming the Palestinian food as if it was there own. That came with them from Poland, Germany, Russia, and so on. The Arab world and Europe have sold Palestine; from the Belford decoration to our Arab state that sold out to gain favor from Israel; the west to be continued. ‏(Microphone dictation),” he added.

It goes without saying, comments ranged from people saluting him for standing up for the thousands losing their lives to others blaming him for sharing hateful thoughts and comparing the situation to the holocaust.

Hopefully, Hadid will stand up for his country’s rights and not succumb to the pressure of being a public figure.

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