Mo Salah Tweeted About “Diamond Dust” and Asser Yassin just had the best comeback!

How would you feel when the most talked about Football Player in the region asks about your movie to see in the theatre? Well, it is not just about a random movie, it is a movie that has the dream cast with a revenue of 21 million and 500 thousand pounds only after 3 weeks of hitting the movie theaters. Well, we really can’t blame the hype that the movie received, and the hype that is following Mo Salah’s recent tweet. Apparently, Mo Salah asked whether “Diamond Dust” is a good movie to watch on Twitter. In the most Egyptian way, the Egyptian Actor and Heartthrob, Asser Yassin replied along with the most admired Author and Screen Writer, Ahmed Mourad:

Ahmed Mourad also retweeted ironically on Salah’s Tweet, and gently inviting him to watch the movie, what a gentleman!

Twitter blasted with hilarious retweets on Mo Salah’s tweet with people offering Salah to bring the cast of the movie right at his doorstep personally, and another retweet of a British fan wanted to understand what Mo Salah was asking.  Well, if Salah is asking about this movie, then it is worth every second. Out of all the replies, Asser Yassin’s reply reminded us of the many reasons why we love Asser so much.

This 2018 hit movie theatres in Eid el Fitr and the movie adaptation of Ahmed Murad’s novel and directed by Marwan Hamed, with Asser Yassin Starring Taha, the Antagonist, along with Sherine Reda, Menna Shalaby, Eyad Nassar,  and Maged El Kedwany.

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WE SAID THIS: We’ve already watched the movie and we can assure Mo Salah that it is worth his precious time!