Mo Salah Like You Have Never Seen Before on GQ’s Cover

Via GQ Middle East

By Sarah Alblowi

The Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah, has become an internationally recognized icon at a young age, fearlessly climbing the ladder of success. From a humble beginning to the Best African Footballer of the year, the unstoppable Liverpool star just covered his first GQ Middle East. Modeling in silver Cartier watches, toned abs, and lush Hermès, Prada, and Burberry statement jackets, Mo definitely stole the show.

Via GQ Middle East

Salah told GQ, in his latest interview, that nothing comes easy, proven by moving to Europe to perfect his craft and getting back on his feet through injuries. Nowadays, he’s looked at more than a player and more as a cultural phenomenon!

Via GQ Middle East

“I went through every possible stage a footballer could go through. Moving from an Arab country to Europe, you feel the difference in everything from the standard of living to food, to communication. You don’t know what to do. After that, you become organized because you want to reach your goals,” Salah said. “If you don’t try then you will always stay at home. I’m not belittling that at all, if that’s what you want, then that’s okay too,” he added.

Via GQ Middle East

The attacker is raising our heads high and sending a positive message to Egyptian youth on ambition and determination. Check out Salah’s interview, behind the scenes footage and more on GQ.

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