Best Places to Live in Dubai – Arabian Ranches Golf Community is on Top

By Allen Waker

Are you moving to Dubai for a business trip, shopping, tourism, or you intend to relocate and live there, then you need to consider something, and the major one is the place to live. With lots of factors in consideration such as place of work, a school for kids, health hub, shopping mall and many more, choosing the right place shouldn’t be difficult for you to do.

Without further ado, this page is dedicated to sharing with you some of the best places you can live in if you find yourself in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches

If you are in search of a quiet community where you get to be free from the bustle and hustle of the city, the Arabian Ranches is the best place to be. It is a popular neighborhood for expats, and it is equipped with excellent facilities such as medical center, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and schools for kids.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is situated at the center of the new Dubai. It is a peaceful community with a lot of special things, and the lifestyle is enough to win your heart. The community is ideal for singles and young couples who want to enjoy to the fullest the early stage of their wedlock.

It is a peaceful community where no one can invade your privacy. The community is blessed with villas and apartment that varies in prices based on the numbers of the bedroom. There as well, you will find some exclusive amenities such as restaurants, shops, gym center and many more.

Also, the community host some great towers and high rise building where you get to have the view of the whole city.


One of the things you get to know about the downtown is that it hosts some of the tallest building in Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall which is the world’s largest mall. Living in this community will expose you to a lot of things that makes life pleasing and worth living.

There as well are some luxury and cheap villas and apartments, but it has a major setback which is the traffic during the evening and weekends because it is the busiest community in Dubai.


If you are an expat and you want to mix with your fellow expats in Dubai, then you should consider living in Mirdif. It is the home of all expats in the city. There you will find a lot of apartments and villas that are affordable and cheap, but you have to make a proper inspection before renting or buying any property.

The community is located just behind the Dubai airport. The only major setback with living in this community is the noise from the airport. There you will also find a shopping mall and other amenities to make life appealing for you.

Jumeirah Lake

If you cherish the greenery community and you can’t sacrifice nature when sorting for a new place to live, then you should consider the Jumeirah lake. There you have a scenic view of the lakes and green spaces in the city. It is very affordable, and you will get to enjoy the breeze from the environment.

Jumeirah beach residence

One of the places to consider if you are the type that loves to visit the beach often. The community is surrounded by the beach, and you get to enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean on a daily basis. The apartment there is topnotch with exclusive amenities which makes it one of the best places to live in Dubai.

Business bay

As it is called, Business bay, it is the home for all business tycoons. The community opens inhabitant eyes to the opportunity to live and as well invest in business while living in the community. It is one of the expensive communities in, and you should be ready to spend big if you will be living in this community.

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