Mo Ramadan is Bringing the Heat to Instagram While Teasing Us With His New Series!

Via Sada El Balad

The iconic Mohamed Ramadan is one of the most followed Arab celebrities on social media. But if you’re not one of his 11 million followers on Instagram, then you missed two important videos he posted yesterday.

The Egyptian actor and singer posted the most hilarious and relatable video from his 2016 Hit Series El Ostoora, and captioned it “El Ostoora During Quarantine”. The video shows his most popular role not being able to spend time with his wife because of the endless noise of his kids; something most families can relate to since the quarantine started.

The second video is much shorter but way more important; it shows a teaser of “El Brens”, Mo’s series for the 2020 Ramadan race. The video shows Mohamed Ramadan’s character in jail fighting with another prisoner. The actor is known for almost always winning the Ramadan series race, and we’re excited to see how things will turn out this season.

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