Men In Suits: 8 Red Sea Fest Looks That Have Caught Our Attention Red Sea Film Festival

The attention during film festivals is usually focused on the looks of female celebrities, those take up much of the media attention on the red carpet. During the current Red Sea Film Festival, male filmmakers, actors, and other celebrities from around the world impress us with their choice of suits.

Baz Luhrmann

Renowned Australian director Baz Luhrmann who is the president of the jury at Red Sea, famous for his The Great Gatsby, and Moulin Rouge, Elvis and the incredible period epic Australia.

Johnny Depp

The towering American figure in Hollywood cinema, Johnny Depp attended the premiere of Jeanne Du Barry, a historical French drama where he stars as King Louis XV.

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Marco Perego

Director of Absence of Eden 2023, is a highly appreciated debut feature about an agent struggling with moral quandaries. His wife Zoë Saldana also stars in the film.

Amr Salama

The Egyptian director Amr Salama, along with Asser Yassin attended the RSIFF for the screening of their latest film Fireworks which is to be launched in Egypt this December. Salama was present on the red carpet in a smooth black suit matched with a black pair of glasses. The stained lining of his blazer also matched the dress of his wife Marwa Al Bermawy who accompanied him on the red carpet.

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Burak özçivit

At the opening ceremony of the festival, the Turkish actor and model Burak joined the red carpet wearing a brown suit, matched with a white shirt at the Opening Night screening of “HWJN”.

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Ahmed Hatem

The Egyptian actor is known for his ability to rock any outfit of his choice either on or off the red carpets. During the festival he pulled this black blazer that made all the difference with its little diagonal twist, taking his look to the next level.

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Will Smith

American actor and comedian, Will Smith was one of the honorary guests at the Red Sea. In a discussion with Raya Abirached, he touched on everything from the previous famous Oscar slap to sharing his experiences to his rise to fame.

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Dhafer L’abidine

On the fourth day, the Tunisian actor Dhafer L’abidine attended the Gala screening of “To My Son” which he stars in, wrote, and directs.

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Mo Al Turki

In a speech he gave on the opening day, Al Turki said that at the heart of Jeddah, they are witnessing a cultural awakening. He cleverly pulls casual denim jackets without giving up the Saudi thobe which signals a cultural statement along with the fashion one.

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