Memaar Al-Morshedy to Give an Inspiring Speech at Harvard University

After years in the business with expertise and reputable projects up its sleeve, real estate powerhouse Memaar Al-Morshedy just earned itself a spot at the Arab Conference held at Harvard University between the 5th and the 7th of April.

The conference, that’s been taking place for the past couple of days, is the largest pan-Arab conference in North America, hosting 3,000 attendees on its 12th edition. With an aim to empower Arabs to recover their narratives by creating and expanding their networks. In light of their need to rebuild their homes in their motherlands, it was chosen as this year’s theme. And in the presence of politicians, civil society leaders, and a lot of prominent figures, Memaar Al-Morshedy’s Founder, Mohamed Al-Morshedy, and CEO, Hassan Al-Morshedy, are giving a keynote speech today to further discuss the matter.

It was no surprise that a real estate giant such as Memaar Al-Morshedy would land such an opportunity with a project such as Skyline in store. The celebrated development is basically an architectural masterpiece; it’s currently the holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest residential building in the world! With 13,500 apartments, a distinguished design, a strategic location in Kattameya, and unique facilities; such as the art district and IMAX cinemas, Skyline is definitely something to be proud of.

Get to know more about the company’s history, how they revolutionized the architecture scene at and more about their role at the Arab Conference today, in the interview below:


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