Melt Bistro and Café Introduces a New Culinary Concept to Egypt

Coffee shops and eateries are actually a lot more than just a place to grab an espresso from, on your way to work. Most of Cairo’s social life revolves around cafes. Anytime my friends decide to have a night out, the first question that pops up is ‘where are we heading?’ usually a cafe, of course, I mean who would want to go clubbing when you have work the next day?

A few weeks ago Melt Bistro & Cafe officially launched in Mall of Egypt and we can’t just keep calm! Overlooking Ski Egypt, this bistro and café is definitely set to reshape the culinary scene in Egypt.

Warm lighting, and a cozy and relaxed, yet elegant ambience, set the stage for a great culinary experience. With a focus on fresh quality produce that accentuate the natural flavours of these ingredients, MELT boasts a menu of succulent meats, crisp fresh guilt-free salads, warm doughy flatbreads and so much more!

Melt doesn’t seem to follow any particular cuisine, instead, it has captured a fusion of flavours from around the world, introducing unexpected and delightful new twists to international dishes we know and love. Featuring a wide range of mouthwatering plates that will blow your mind the flavours are artfully brought together by the melt factor. From raclette to creamy cheese fondue, brought to you through a range of delicious artisan cheeses, this bistro has melted cheese lovers everywhere rejoicing!

Sinfully delicious desserts and their decadent milkshakes are a must-try. But don’t worry if you don’t have a sweet tooth they also have some sensational savoury appetizers too, with their arancini balls topping the list of scrumptious bite-sized treats!

Catering to pretty much everyone, the bistro and café is suitable for families, friends, and even couples. Whether you are looking to have lunch dinner or just a quick drink, MELT literally offers something for everyone. 

In a nutshell, Melt provides the best of both bistro and café experiences. So whatever you’re craving you are definitely going to find it at this delightful bistro because they really do have it all!

WE SAID THIS: Melt is more than just your everyday dining destination.