After Announcing He Has Vitiligo, Ramy Gamal Questions His Future in Singing

Via Instagram

Egyptian Musician, Singer, and Composer Ramy Gamal recently announced that he has vitiligo and that people started treating him differently ever since! In a social media post, he said that he has been suffering from the disease for about a year now, and tried to treat it but with no luck.

Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. According to Ramy’s post, people changed the way they treated him, some didn’t want to shake hands, and others asked if it was contagious (It’s not).

He’s been trying to hide it throughout the year, but people started advising him to find a different business! In his post, Ramy said that he now has two options, whether to quit the career that he loves the most or to stop hiding his condition, and people should accept him the way he is. With enough support, we hope that the Egyptian artist embraces his individuality and uniqueness and gets back to his artistic career, and not be bothered by people’s reactions.

WE SAID THIS: People need to understand how harsh their comments can be.

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