A Round Up Of Arab Event Planners To Turn Your Dream Wedding To A Reality

Wedding season is upon us with every bride and groom going all out in preparation for the big day. There is so much to think about, from the venue and the decor to the food and music. That is where wedding planners come into the picture, the experts who bring all these pieces together to curate the ultimate wedding celebration. To help you prepare for the special day, we put together some of the best wedding planners of the Arab world.

Baz Events

Since 2009, Baz Events Lebanese founder Walid Baz built his event planning company from the ground up and today, it stands as one of the best multinational award-winning companies in the world. Pooling from a talented team of more than 40 outsourced and in-house specialists and designers, his company specializes in transforming spaces into majestic events & experiences. Blending tech and art, they can create any kind of setting for the bride and groom. In one of their recent wedding projects, they filled the entire ceiling with an installment of hundreds of glistening overhanging blue butterflies, created lakes surrounded by lush greenery and even set up a mini waterfall at the back of the event hall. To learn more about their work, you can give them a call on this number: +961 71 492 224

Dina Iskander

Anyone who picks out Egyptian wedding planner Dina Iskander as their guide during their big day will get to have one of the most sophisticated and stunning weddings in the country. Her entire process is foolproof as each bride and groom would go through a special interview with Iskander’s professionals to determine their personality and based on that the team then picks out the venue, caterer, and decor. When it comes to the venue, there are many times when Iskander would pick out the location herself and it would always exceed the bride and groom’s expectations. To book an interview, you can call them on this number: +20 122 7755749

Ghadeer Ashoor

For the full eclectic wedding experience, Saudi-based international wedding company Ghadeer Ashoor is a great option as they not only create unique whimsical weddings with special themes like Alice In Wonderland, they even include choreographed dance performances based on the theme. Each wedding brings our favorite childhood stories to life. Beyond fairytales, they do many other themes including wanderlust or travel weddings with the main set pieces being vintage suitcases and tropical bamboo sticks. To learn more about their services and to book an appointment, you can call them using this number: +966556630033

Ali Bakhtiar Designs

Enchanting, magical and dream-like are all the ways to describe the work of Dubai-based Ali Bakhtiar Designs, a multinational event planning company. Since 1997, they have been creating custom one-of-a-kind weddings with a fairytale feel. What makes them special is that they can create the wedding of your dreams in any venue of your choosing whether it’s a boat, a vintage greenhouse or a luxurious villa. They also take floral arrangements to a whole new level, whether it’s an installation of floating orchids hanging above the bride and groom’s seating area (kosha) or an enormous archway made entirely of white flowers. To learn more about their services, you can give them a call on this number: 009 714 348 7454

Bibi Hayat

Founded by Bibi Hayat, for over 14 years, the Kuwait-based event planning and production firm have not only designed, planned and created opulent and extravagant weddings, they also specialized in many other types of experiences including corporate events. With Bibi Hayat, expect a perfect blend of elegance and luxury. In a lot of their events, they go for simple color palettes with floral arrangements and unique decor taking center stage. To learn more about their services, you can give them a call using this number: 00-965-99693555

Sensoria Events

For a unique type of wedding, a great go-to option is Sensoria Events, the Egyptian event production house known for all-out attention-grabbing spectacles. They always want to give the bride and groom the ultimate wedding celebration, going for stunning locations including Palma Pyramids and Address Marassi Golf Resort. Beyond that, they know how to teleport guests to new worlds whether it’s a Victorian-themed wedding set within a space filled with towering pillars and marble statues or a Chinese-style affair with red paifangs and pine green walls. To experience their show-stopping weddings, give them a call using this number: 00201004888811

If you are getting ready for the big day, any of these hand-picked Arab wedding planners will be sure to create the wedding of your dreams. Give them a call and book a spot as soon as possible as each of these event specialists gets booked fast during the summer.

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