Meet the First Female Saudi Executive at STC!

It’s widely known that women in Saudi Arabia have always been underrepresented in leadership roles, as well as in fields like science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. Such fields are usually dominated mainly by male representatives, however, things are changing now.

Dr. Moudhi Aljamea is living proof that Saudi women are capable of doing anything a man can do, and maybe even better. She recently filled the position as the first female executive at the Riyadh-based Telecom Company STC, a company, according to Forbes, considered one of the largest telecommunications companies in our region. 

Via: Vogue

Prior to joining STC, Dr. Aljamea used to be the president of entrepreneurship unit and the business incubator in Imam Abdulrahman Bin-Faisal University. She’s considered an expert as she holds a Ph.D. in computer security and has a vast experience in cyber, as well as information, security. STC said in a statement that Dr. Aljamea reflects the company’s commitment to not only recruit but also support female Saudi talents for leading positions.

Via: Vogue

Dr. Aljamea is a true role model and an inspiration to all women, especially Saudi women in technology. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is actually filled with talented women, and the great support they are receiving from the government is marvelous. It’s just a matter of time until we see more and more women filling leadership positions.

WE SAID THIS: “Simply believe in yourself and work hard on developing yourself. We are in an era of empowering youth, and especially females in the Kingdom, this is the chance to shine.” -Dr. Aljamea 

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