Meet the 75-Year-Old Egyptian Striker Who Aims to be the World’s Oldest Football Player

“I became the oldest professional footballer scoring a goal in an official game.” Ezzeldin Bahader, said shortly after scoring the penalty goal that tied his team, the October 6 FC, to the rivaling Genius FC.

A father of four and grandfather of six, Ezzeldin Bahader is not someone you would expect to be on the field, but the 75-year-old has always had a passion for football, and in his retirement, he decided to finally pursue a career as a professional footballer.

On Saturday, despite his injury, Bahader played a full 90-minute match with his team October 6 FC, a third division football club, shattering pre-established expectations.

“This is something that was achieved in the last minute of the game that I thought I wouldn’t achieve. I was injured and all what I hoped for was to continue for the full 90 minutes and play the next game.” Bahader said.

Bahader is gunning for a Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest footballer. The title is currently held by 73-year-old Israeli player, Isaak Hayik, who plays for the low-tier team of Yehuda. The Egyptian contender needs to play an additional match on the 21st of March to beat the record.

Throughout the different stages of his life, Bahader used to play as an amateur football player while working as a civil engineer and land cultivation expert. In his later years, he decided to battle the stereotype and pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player.

Currently, Bahader is training with his team as well as his personal trainer at home, in an effort to regain his fitness, and even though it has been difficult at first, the striker is responding well to motivation and is on his way to becoming the world’s oldest professional footballer.

WE SAID THIS: Mr. Bahader’s next match is on the 21st of March, so let’s all whish him good luch!