Meet Bahjat Alturjman, the Libyan Musician Who Might Just Be the Next Big Thing in Arab Pop

One of the most promising young artists from the Arab World is the Libyan singer and Songwriter Bahjat Alturjman. Bahjat grew up in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, and left during the Arab Spring. He released his first song “Stand Tall” in 2015 while in Malta, followed by “Talk to Me” that topped the charts in Malta after a month of its release.

Bahjat got a huge push when he appeared on a YouTube Channel called Nightcore, which led his song “Hometown Smile” to garner over 25 million views! Bahjat is now inspiring a lot of attention when it comes to Libyan music, and some might argue that his music can inspire a shift in Arab Pop towards the Libyan dialect. His song became the first song by an independent Libyan-born artist to appear on Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Remember when Moroccan Rai music was the most trendy and popular genre between Arab music genres? And then when Khaliji music became the hottest thing happening in the Arab World? And the most recent boom of Egyptian Mahraganat, Electro-Shaabi, and Rap music? If the Libyan dialect became the next big thing, then you can definitely thank Bahjat for it!

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