5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips You Need To Know!

Can you imagine an offer of cosmetic products free of potentially toxic substances? What’s more, would you be willing to use others that, in addition to taking care of your health and making you look more attractive, also contribute to taking care of the environment? If the answer is yes, then you can get all of them by visiting kollectionk to shop THE FACE SHOP.

What is organic makeup?

To start, we have a proposal for you: it is called ecological makeup, a novel alternative for people who opt for healthier beauty techniques. Do you know him? The main characteristic of these products is that they are made with natural materials, that is, free of heavy metals, parabens, and petroleum derivatives and other substances that can be harmful to the skin.

A classic example is the so-called eye pencils, most of which cause irritation to the eyelids and the areas close to the eye. To avoid such effects, organic makeup stores offer their own products. 

There is also organic cosmetics, one that guarantees the absence of synthetic fragrances and dyes, petroleum derivatives, silicone oils or derivatives, genetically modified ingredients and that has not been tested on animals.

The premise is clear. If you spend your life eating healthy, looking for ecological and organic products, if you have changed traditional cosmetics for eco cosmetics because you have discovered that its ingredients are more respectful of the environment and your skin, if you have decided to dress with organic materials, If you are vegan … Why are you going to put on makeup with the first thing that is put in front of you, made up of chemicals and often tested on animals?

It is true that organic and bio makeup is more difficult to find, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Fortunately, more and more small companies are launching into the market betting on this type of natural cosmetic product, as they have discovered that their consumers are very loyal, although they are also very strict with their demands. For this reason also, they maintain very high degrees of quality and in the face of these factors, more and more distributors (most of them specialized in niche products or eco cosmetics) who decide to bet on this type of makeup.

And it is that this philosophy of healthier, sustainable and respectful life with nature does not stop growing and gaining followers. Aware people who, on the other hand, do not want to give up their personal care routines, among which is makeup.

Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

Bet on less is more and on quality instead of quantity

Use the products you already have before launching into the consumption of new formulas. Of course, check the preferred consumption date (if it has a shelf life of less than 30 months) or if the shelf life is greater than 30 months, check the PAO (Period after Opening, which indicates the time you can use it for one once you have opened the bottle). Also, you already know that each skin is a world that can react very differently to a cosmetic. You have to find the ones related to your dermis.

Pay attention to labels

Look for organic and fair trade certifications, research where natural ingredients come from and make sure they haven’t experimented on animals. Many firms have made respect for man and the environment one of the bases of their philosophy, establishing the most sustainable development and fair trade relationships with communities in different countries. An example is Garnier, which has become one of the largest exporters of traditional shea butter in Burkina Faso, tells us the person in charge of Jean-Pierre Coutauchaud, Corporate Raw Materials Purchasing Director Category Specialties, of the L’Oréal group (also L ‘Occitane is an example in export of this product); or Weleda, whose commitment to biological diversity is its emblem.

Note the inclusion of micro-plastics

They are often found in exfoliating formulas, toothpastes, or personal cleansers, but also in masks, deodorants, or sunscreens. Dr. Pedro Catalá, Founder of Twelve Beauty, recalls that they are “tiny plastic particles that cause enormous and irreversible damage to the environment and marine life especially since they go down the drain and, being so small, they are not filtered and end up in oceans, rivers, and lakes”. The cosmetologist recommends, once again, to check the formulation list: “The most common ingredients in micro-pearls are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Others to consider are nylon, polylactic acid (PA), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). ”

Don’t forget about packaging

In beauty it is not so easy to buy products in bulk; However, there are already firms that work to achieve minimum packaging, made with recycled materials, that are biodegradable or even ignore them! The Lush firm works because most of its references are ‘naked’; that is, they are formulated in a solid state in order to omit the packaging. Davines uses the indispensable amount of materials in the packaging, prioritizing recycled, recyclable or compostable materials. 100% biodegradable packaging is already a reality, and from Kielhs’s bet on them with its new Made for All People Body Wash, a soft gel for all family members. Other examples are firms like The Body Shop or Rituals, which in addition to maintaining a respectful philosophy with the environment, encourage recycling their boxes, always giving them a new life.

The art (and help) of recycling

Did you know that most of the wonderful bottles of your perfumes (once worn) have their place in the glass container? It is the best destination you can give to the voids. But there is more, be aware of head-removing the remains of your cosmetics. Apply the universal recycling laws and, if you have doubts, keep in mind that there are firms that help you (and reward you for it). Once again, Kielh’s maintains a program called ‘Recycle and be compensated’, for which as you return empty containers of their products in their boutiques (they are in charge of managing correct disposal) you get some of their care formulas. With Lush, their legendary black cans have more than one life, as they also encourage you to join the recycling chain with a fresh mask as a gift for every five empty jars you return.

WE SAID THIS: Beautiful skin doesn’t have to cost us our environment.